Suspension Solutions™ Couplers

Aluminum Half Coupler, 1-005-000-0000

Extruded aluminum couplers designed for quick and safe mounting of lamp bars, conventional fixtures and moving lights. Suspension Solutions couplers are available in a wide range of styles including Half-Coupler, Double-Swivel and Fixed 90 Degree Rigid configurations. These rugged couplers are uniquely designed to fasten securely to both 1 1/2" schedule 40 black pipe and 2" O.D. aluminum tubing. Lab Certified 1100lb working load and 8:1 safety factor. Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 standards. Now with a special wing nut featuring solid tabs that work with a wrench and won't break off.

Aluminum Half Coupler w/ Wing Nut

Aluminum Double Swivel Coupler w/ Wing Nut 1-005-000-0001
Aluminum 90º Coupler w/ Wing Nut 1-005-000-0002



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