Suspension Solutions™ Round Slings


Night after night, tour after tour, Suspension Solutions™ Round Slings stand-up to the rigors of the road. These versatile Endless Round Slings are ideal for use in vertical, choker, or basket hitch applications. The soft and pliable design easily conforms to irregularly shaped loads and allows for tighter chokes with an easy release. Durable double jacket protects the loadbearing fibers while the white core warning fibers alert you to damage.

Black / 1.5ft. ENR2X1.5. Buy Online
Black / 3ft. ENR2X3' Buy Online
Black / 6ft. ENR2X6' Buy Online
Black / 9ft. ENR2X9' Buy Online
Black / 12ft. ENR2X12' Buy Online

Rated Capacity:
Choker 4200 lbs
Vertical 5300 lbs
Basket 10600 lbs


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